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The winter of 1992 gas was selling for $1.13 and the East Coast was in the grips of a series of nor'easter storms. But Frank Patty and a few friends, Jack Inge, Norm Bowling, Russ

Bowling & Kurt Russo were in the midst of forming a group that would turn their passion for hot rods into a method to raise money for local charities. Little did they know that the

group would endure to the present as a major contributor to local charities like; Toys For Tots, Un-Trim-A-Tree and ACTS of Prince William County as well as Wounded Warrior Project

As they started to organize they realized that they needed a name they could approach potential sponsors with and convince them to part with their money for charity. It also had to reflect the clubs passion for what they did with their cars. Names like 'Hot Rods From Hell' or Insane "Virginia Speed Demons" probably would not be a good choice, so they settled on Prince William Cruisers. This would be a respectable name that a sponsor could write on a check and not be embarrassed about it! The name also denoted the territory the club decided to focus on and where most of the members resided. It also described what the members liked to their cars! 


Since Jack Inge was one of the founding members of the club and he owned Quality Tire in Woodbridge, VA it was only natural to have the club meetings at the tire shop. Jack and his two sons, Brian & Jeff, met with the rest of the members around the lift in the service bay. Later the monthly meetings were moved to the Bingo Hall at Hillendale Fire Department in Woodbridge, VA. The club currently meets at the Red Robin restaurant in Woodbridge on the second Monday of each month.

During one of the early years of the club, Frank met with PW County Chief of Police, Charlie Dean, to formulate and execute plans for the club's first car show in 1993 at the McCord Buillding. During this time while their relationship with the PW Police Department began to floish, some of the club members helped the PD restore a 1972 Plymouth Fury Police Cruiser. That cruiser is still being shown at local events! This would be an enduring partnership that would include the PW County Crime Prevention Council's National Night Out. Also during the early years when the Prince William Cannons baseball team was playing, the club would cruise to the games for fan appreciation night. The fans were excestatic about having their favorite team player's picture taken with the classic cars. Frank also initiated contact with Action in Community Through Service (A.C.T.S.). This group represents the PW County food bank and maintains the PW County Battered Women's Shelter as well as many other community service groups. Frank also orchestrated the Volunteer Prince William group that reaches out to the needy in PW County through programs like Toys For Tots and Un-Trim-A-Christmas Tree. The club is still involved with these endeavors today as part of their community service and have added a few others to their list of service to the community.

The club began hosting their Friday cruise at Mapledale Plaza in 1993. Roger Williams was club President in 1995 and was instrumental in moving the cruise to Glory Days Restaurant at Smoketown Plaza, Woodbridge, VA. They stayed at that location till they had to relocate due to major construction in the area. They have since moved back to that location in Smoketown Plaza where they currently meet. A few years ago the club began hosting a Sunday afternoon cruise at Hayfield Shopping Center in Alexandria, VA that has been very successful.

The club has always held at least two shows a year to generate the funds they give to charity. In 2008 Steve Shifflett met with John Houser, of the Occoquan Regional Park Authority, to discuss a new show location. It was agreed to move the clubs two yearly shows to the park in Lorton, VA. These shows have been wildly successful for the charities that include Wounded Warrior Project. The club also manages shows for other groups to assist in raising money for other worthwile causes.

The club has had many dedicated members over the years that have stepped up to do the work that makes Prince William Cruisers the respected powerhouse it has become.  They also participate in many other community events and other club's events to give their time and money to their cause.

Part of any club's success is the support of their sponsors. The PWCruisers enjoy the continued support of about 80% of the original sponsors from 1993....that's 20 years of trust from those sponsors....Trust that the PW Cruisers will represent them and their money in a positive and wholesome manner. That is something to be proud of and we thank them for their


We invite you to participate in the Cruiser's events so youi can help their charites too. And if you think you would like to add to the club's history you may want to consider applying

for membership..

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